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Most people might be used to seeing a familiar look of models on fashion shows and during photo shoots. However, a modeling agency has expanded the representation of individuals in the industry.

The agency, called Zebedee Management, worked with and for people with disabilities and visible differences. In an interview with E! News, co-director Zoe Proctor said:

“Our mission is to increase the positive portrayal of these models in fashion, advertising and the wider media.”

Zebedee Management models during a body confidence building session in 2018. | Photo: YouTube/Zebedee Management

Founded in 2017, Zebedee has given its models the opportunity to be part of campaigns with several major brands, including Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger.

Each photoshoot would give the agency model a sense of certainty about her place in the industry. Not only that, but it has also inspired consumers around the world.

“For so long our models have been discriminated against and excluded from the industry. Zebedee has given them the platform to shine!” Shared supervisor.

She added that being part of a fashion or beauty campaign means everything to their models as it boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

Proctor went on to explain that their participation in fashion campaigns not only impacts the models, but also their loved ones and society at large.

After launching the campaign, Goldstein quickly gained worldwide fame.

Zebedee has also worked on some of adaptive fashion’s biggest campaigns, including a River Island anti-bullying campaign in 2018.

More recently, model Ellie Goldstein, who has Down syndrome, was chosen to be the face of Gucci’s colorful cosmetics campaign.

Goldstein, from Essex, England, said she could barely imagine how Gucci chose her and was overwhelmed with happiness when she showed up for the opportunity.

After launching the campaign, Goldstein quickly gained worldwide fame. According to co-director Laura Johnson, her photo garnered the most likes on a Gucci Instagram post.

Goldstein got into modeling when a family friend saw Zebedee Management on “This Morning” and urged Goldstein’s mother, Yvonne, to take the opportunity for her daughter. Since 2017, Goldstein has been a regular at the agency.

Besides her recent work with Gucci Beauty and Vogue Italia, Goldstein has been featured in campaigns for Vodafone, Superdrug and Nike.

The acclaimed model intends to continue breaking down barriers. She is committed to promoting awareness and representation of people with disabilities through her work.

Meanwhile, Sudanese-Australian model Adut Akech has been named Model of the Year in 2019 by the British Fashion Council. His personal journey is now a great source of inspiration for the many refugees trying to rebuild their lives in a foreign country.