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Andreja Pejić’s success opened new doors for transgender models (and brought her onto the stage with Taylor Swift), although trans models still find themselves facing stigma in the modeling world. But like the lawyer reports, Apple Model Management is opening an all-trans modeling agency in Los Angeles

This is something that took years to prepare. Apple Model Management originally formed in Thailand and made it a point to hire cisgender and transgender models.

“Thailand has hosted the famous ‘Miss International Queen’ transgender pageant for 10 years for contestants from around the world and is known for its openness to the gay and transgender community,” their website explains. “As a result, Apple Model Management has opened the first fully transgender model division of its kind, with the goal of giving transgender models an international stage to work around the world and globally represent Thailand and Southeast Asia. .”

But the Los Angeles office is only interested in transgender models and has actually put out a call for hiring.

“Our strong commitment to develop [transgender models] because successful models are never about quantifying or qualifying their gender,” explained Cecilio Asuncion, director of the Los Angeles agency. “It’s never about whether they’re female or male, it’s about their passion and commitment to being the best role models they can be.”

Asuncion said the full potential of trans models has not been realized and “that has to change”. He is already working there.