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Hopeful models have fallen victim to a ‘bait and switch’ scheme allegedly run by Bradley Poster.
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MIDTOWN — A judge has ordered infamous con artist Bradley Poster to pay nearly $1 million for ripping off unemployed models and actresses for more than six years.

Poster, who used the aliases Brad West, Max Holden and Mark West, created a Midtown-based company aimed at New Yorkers that advertised supposedly available jobs for actresses and models on Craigslist and Facebook, according to the Department of Health. Consumption.

The catch is that before the models could find jobs, Poster charged unsuspecting job seekers a “consumer fee” both to take preliminary head shots and to post their profiles. on his jobs website, created for the fake company WMT Model & Talent Network Development, Ltd.

Ultimately, Poster never helped actors or models find jobs, but instead swindled them out of money for photos he didn’t post.

Poster was fined $908,400 after nearly seven dozen complaints were filed against him. The judge found that Poster “was responsible for unlawfully advertising services it did not provide, charging clients for photography services as a precondition for obtaining jobs that did not exist and operating as a unauthorized placement”, according to the DCA.

The Department of Consumer Affairs accused WMT Model & Talent Network between March 2005 and February 2011 of placing 910 false advertisements. The company has also worked under the names of World Model Talent, WMT, Model and Talent Network Management, and others.

“Unfortunately and in an unacceptable manner, WMT Model & Talent Network and Mr. Poster have personally resorted to the classic model agency scam: bait and switch. By deliberately attacking consumers looking for a legitimate employment, he instead sold them unnecessary and unsolicited photography services,” DCA Commissioner Jonathan Mintz said.

“To any company that still hasn’t gotten the message, I’ll say it again: any employment agency that benefits job seekers, especially in these difficult economic times, will respond to us.”

It was the second time Poster had been accused of running a scam. In 2005, Poster was forced to pay nearly $27,000 in public fines for operating an unlicensed employment agency called Look International, according to the DCA.

Ripped off artists were also upset with Poster’s scheme.

“TOTAL SCAM! I went through the process and they haven’t released my photos yet,” New York resident Katerina M. said on the company’s Yelp Review.

“I knew that by entering it, it would be 1 hour of my life wasted.”

Others agreed, telling horror stories of poorly maintained and shabby offices, a pushy “manager” and showing news videos of people who were supposed to be former clients, but had no reality nothing to do with the modeling agency.

“Like hi, I’m not stupid,” Elmerhust resident Marina G. said on Yelp of Poster’s attempts to trick her into paying for headshots.

“Anyway.. BEWARE!!! it’s a TOTAL scam to be an extra or do anything AGENCY SHOULD NOT CHARGE YOU!!!!! They should trust you and they’re being paid to get you hired anyway, so don’t let me fall for it.”

The phone number listed on Yelp and other advertisements led to a disconnected line, and DNAinfo was unable to contact Poster for comment.