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Trump Models, the modeling agency launched by Donald Trump seems to be in rapid decline. According to a new report published in the Washington Post,, several top models and agents have left the company in recent months to start their own businesses or join others. The biggest loss came two weeks ago when former manager Gabriel Ruas Santos-Rocha launched a brand called Anti-Management which claims “our role models are our clients”. In a statement, Santos Rocha said, “I did not create an agency with the intention of removing anyone from the business. Other than that, I have no comment.”

Since the election, several high-profile models have left the agency with some, like Maggie Rizer, citing anti-Trump sentiments as the reason. Additionally, in February, dozens of fashion industry insiders, including designers, hairstylists and makeup artists, vowed to no longer work with the agency. While it’s unclear how many models have left the brand, it’s likely that managers and agents who recently left will be taking models with them. It should be noted that there are still dozens of models listed on the Trump Models website.

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