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Another day of Bon Boulash dominance.

After becoming the Queen of Hearts during their race on RuPaul’s Drag Race in the UK second series – they not only became runners-up and favorites to win, but were also named Miss Congeniality by their fellow queens – Bimini Bon Boulash posted announcement after announcement. The drag star has done a number of photoshoots, announced a book, signed with a PR firm, and more. Now they announce that they have been signed with Next Models in London.

“Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this possible,” Boulash wrote on Twitter, posting a photo from inside the agency. “This opportunity is a huge, crazy, mind-blowing moment for my non-comforting sex and to top it all off, they’ve got me on the management’s master booking list rather than special bookings.”

True to their word, Boulash appears on the women’s chart as a role model rather than being marketed as “talent”, “artist” or “special reservations”.

“This is huge for non-binary representation in fashion and I’m so grateful for wanting to take this chance with me!!” they wrote on Twitter. Makes sense considering they just fired for British vogue.

Boulash is the latest to follow in a pipeline created by Miss Fame. In 2016, they became the first drag performer represented by a major modeling agency on the women’s board when they were signed to IMG Paris. At the time, the agency helped broker Fame’s contract with L’Oreal Paris after they first connected with the brand during an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. They were later followed at IMG by Aquaria. Fame has also been signed with Wilhelmina Models as well as Supreme Models.

The non-binary performer has always had a deep connection to fashion. Even on their season of drag race, Miss Fame criticized for being a queen of looks. In a prescient scene, they told some of their competitors “Some of our aspirations are not to be at the club for the rest of our careers!” They stopped performing in May 2017 and have arguably become one of the show’s quintessential look queens shooting for several iterations of vogue.

In March 2020, Fame announced that they had left IMG Models.

“After being told to be patient year after year, my press kits which I organized after each show were not used at all, no paid work during my entire contract (2015 -2020), the texts have not received a response [to] or met with blatant disregard from my many visits to the agency, I realized the prestige of having their title above me was not worth its weight,” they wrote on Instagram Stories. They continued to allege that they were mishandled by IMG and would continue with Supreme.

Other queens have also been signed to agencies: Pearl has signed with Wilhelmina and Milk has signed with Q while Gigi Goode and Naomi Smalls are both represented by One Management.

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