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Police have arrested a man suspected of fraudulently obtaining intimate photos of more than 100 people, including girls as young as 10.

The suspect, surnamed Chang (張), in his 40s, allegedly posed as a modeling agent on social media to solicit photos and videos from girls and women, police said on Friday. Tainan.

He was arrested in Taipei in August, the Tainan City Police Department’s 5th District said.

Photo courtesy of Tainan City Police Department

Officers seized computer hard drives at Chang’s residence that contained videos of more than 100 girls and women between the ages of 10 and 70, the police station said.

The case first came to light in March, when one of the Tainan women reported the matter to local authorities.

Chang used fake profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Azar to impersonate a modeling agent, looking for women interested in modeling, police said.

He used a voice modulator to sound like a woman during the interviews, which were conducted with virtually no face showing, they added.

Chang told the women that the video interviews should be conducted in the nude, claiming it would make it easier to create model cards.

He also promised the women an hourly wage of NT$2,500 to $3,500 if they were chosen by the modeling agency, police said.

Chang secretly recorded the video interviews and then allegedly used the footage to blackmail the models into sending him intimate images of themselves, saying otherwise he would post nude photos of them online, the agency said. police.

There is no evidence Chang sold or distributed the footage online, they added.

His actions, which spanned five years, were apparently for his own gratification, police said.

Police have urged other women to come forward as only a few of the more than 100 identified have so far filed complaints, assuring them their identities will be kept confidential.

Chang is being investigated for fraud, invasion of privacy, sexual exploitation of children and youth, coercion and intimidation, police said.

Tainan prosecutors have obtained a court order to detain the suspect while the investigation is ongoing, they added.

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