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The fashion industry is often criticized for its lack of diversity, but Lorde Inc. wants to change that. Lorde Inc. is a street modeling agency focused entirely on representing people of color. Founded in 2013 by art history graduate Nasifa Kaptownwala, Lorde embraces diversity, working with models who may not fit the standard stereotype of what we see walking the runway. In a world where 77.4% of NYFW Fall runway models were white, Lorde is changing direction, pushing the industry to accept the fact that beauty doesn’t come in a shape or color. Nasifa says, “In a way, Lorde Inc. started as a proclamation for me to say, ‘I’m beautiful! And to show that I know it’s a feeling I’m entitled to. “”

As a street casting agency, Lorde relies on her popular Tumblr account to recruit new talent, as well as casting calls in cities like London and New York. But where other agencies look for a “type,” Nasifa says instead of a specific look, Lorde seeks to find people who are comfortable in front of the camera. “My friend Arvida Byström really opened up to me the idea that you don’t have to look like a conventional model to model and that it won’t compromise the quality of the photo,” she said. Dizzy. “It will always be so beautiful.” Read on to find out some of the various designs that are shaking up the fashion industry.