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A former French modeling agent with ties to a convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and serving a sentence for similar charges was found dead in his prison cell on Saturday February 19, the Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed to BNC News.

Jean-Luc Brunel was “dead by suicide because he was found dead after hanging himself with his sheets” at La Santé prison, officials confirmed to BNC News during a phone call on Saturday morning.

An investigation has been launched to determine the exact cause of Brunel’s death, as is customary for all deaths in prison, officials confirmed.

Brunel was charged with sexual harassment and rape of at least one minor over the age of 15 in December 2020 after he was initially arrested earlier that month at Charles de Gualle airport in Paris before a scheduled flight to the Senegal.

Prosecutors declined to reveal how many of the alleged victims were over the age of 15 in relation to the charges at the time they were passed on to Brunel.

The 75-year-old ran modeling agency Karin Models Agency and founded MC2 Model Management, which was funded by Epstein and had offices in New York, Miami and Tel Aviv.

Brunel had previously denied the allegations he faced and said he was open to speaking to investigators about the case through his legal team, who had repeatedly complained about the conditions he faced while incarcerated and tried to get him released ahead of his scheduled trial.

Brunel’s death comes less than three years later Epstein was also found dead in his own jail cell in New York ahead of a trial on sex trafficking charges, which has since been ruled a suicide.