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The Moscow agency Oldushka is everywhere this week, thanks to its stunning gray-haired models. Yahoo Beauty reports that Oldushka was founded by Igor Gavar after he spent years photographing the murderous street style of older people. Now, her agency only represents models over 45, and even has an 85-year-old model. If 45 seems a little young to you, know that, as Yahoo Beauty reports, most of Gavar’s models are over 60. So it seems that it’s not a fashionable business to get the press, but actually his passion.

Talk with vogue, he explained how it all happened. “I met some really interesting faces and wanted to do a separate project with them. Appearing like themselves is a tool to fight stereotypes,” he said.

It echoes the sentiments of, maybe not what the modeling industry is all about. now, but what it might look like in the future. We’ve got models showing off their stretch marks in big ad campaigns, flaunting their bikini-clad curves on magazine covers, and proving that everything skin tones are beautiful. It’s all about what people really look like now – minus all the smoke and mirrors. When it comes to people of an older generation, many have gray hair and that’s beautiful too.

Gavar also gives people new opportunities with Oldushka, helping them do something they never thought they would do. Valentina Yassen, 62, one of his models, said she was “nervous” about boarding. “I was a professional actress and worked in theater for many years, but now I’m off stage,” she said. vogue. “I was nervous about getting into modeling. But my son convinced me.”

Valentina Yassen