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LOS ANGELES, January 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Authenticity is more important than ever to running a successful business, as consumers identify it as one of the top qualities they look for before choosing a brand. If customers believe that a company is not genuine, they will have a negative opinion of it and will not buy its products. Runway Waiters, a high-end promotional modeling agency, has discovered some tricks to being authentic in today’s market.

Ernest Stürm, the President of Runway Waiters, knows all about the importance of authenticity in life and in business. He was successful in the nightlife industry as a promoter before realizing it didn’t align with his personal values. He decided to start his own company that would give models signed with real talent agencies the opportunity to earn extra money by hosting high-end events.

It was far from an overnight success, and Sturm spent some time homeless in Los Angeles, then later slept in inflatable beds in a small office. His hard work has paid off, however, as he now has multiple offices and a business generating close to $2 million In income.

On authenticity, Sturm says, “Nothing is more important than being honest with your audience. You must have values ​​for your brand that remain consistent at all times, and your brand must be built on communication. open and honest with customers.”

Looking at companies well known for their authenticity, Runway Waiters found three key behaviors they all had in common. In order to build an authentic brand that people can trust, these three behaviors will be essential.

  • Know your company values

Everyone knows that the intention of a business is to make a profit, but it takes more than that. Every successful business has a deeper purpose than just selling whatever it sells.

Rolls-Royce and Kia both sell cars, but their values ​​and mission are totally different. Rolls-Royce values ​​provide luxury consumers with a premium car that balances performance and style. Kia is focused on making cars that even families on a budget can afford. A company’s values ​​tell people what it stands for.

  • Keep the message consistent

For consumers to believe in a company’s values, those values ​​must remain consistent at all times. If a different image of a company is presented to try to satisfy multiple audiences, it is not authentic.

It is a good idea to use an approach adapted to the medium used, but the values ​​presented by a company must remain consistent. This will reinforce that the company is what it says.

It sounds so simple, but companies often feel like they can fool people. They over-promise and under-deliver or they hide things from customers, like companies taking full advantage of the fine print or advertising low-priced products, only to add all kinds of fees.

Try to be honest and upfront with people. When a company tells consumers the truth, they trust the brand.

For more information, please visit Runway Waiters. Interview requests and press inquiries should be directed to Media Moguls PR at [email protected].

About track servers:

Runway Waiters is a staffing agency that provides high-end brands with agency-signed models for hosting, bartending and event promotion. It operates in Los Angeles, Miami, new York and everywhere in between. Runway Waiters works with various modeling agencies including Wilhemina, Ford, NEXT and Vision.

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