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Studio71 United Kingdom Added to its list of booming podcasts in partnership with a mannequin agency Models1.

A new podcast mode baptized The POCDAST model Will give auditors an interior look at industry – past and present – with a range of renowned guests. He will be animated by Robyn Bright, a mannequin, presenter and international glittery at Models1. The first episode presents Yasmine the goodAn English model who is the wife of Duran Duran singer Simon LeBon.

Three episodes are live today to coincide with the launch of London Fashion Week: The episode of the good; Interview with Caroline RushCEO of the British Fashion Council; And a horizon of fashion week. The following slices will host the British model ISKRA Laurent and journalist / director FENN O’MEALLYwhich will discuss diversity and representation in fashion space, backup of models, creative process, etc.

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The model podcast – produced by Jack Claramunt and executive produced by Tom Payne, Jodie Smithand Jess Crab – is the ninth podcast produced by Studio71 UK, after the wellness series Power hourhosted by Adrienne Herbertand F ** ks givenA show of sexual advice animated by the Youtube duo COURSE COUNTER. Both emissions show a number of six-digit downloads, according to Studio71. In the United States, Studio71 produces podcasts alongside foreground creators as Marked Brownlee, Amanda Cerny and Sommer Rayand Brittany Furlan,

“We are very proud of the podcast we created with Models1 and conversations that we have been able to open in the world of fashion,” said Tom Payne, director of Studio71 UK content, in a statement. “The industry is often considered difficult to penetrate, but thanks to the inheritance of Models1 within the industry, we have been able to pass under the usual luster and offer a real overview of some of the world’s best specialists.”