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“We love our fat women and our geeky men, we love the really big ones and the impossibly short ones. No one is too abstract for our books! We’re ugly. And we’re the leaders in character modeling.” Sound like something you might be interested in? So maybe you should go to London, which is the home of ugly models, the first modeling agency in the world. In business since 1969, Ugly Models has over a thousand customers, ranging in age from 18 to 100, sizes (UK) 6 to 30, tattooed, pierced, extremely tall, extremely short and more.

“I think the number one trait an ugly model should have is what I say over and over again: being good about yourself,” says the agency’s current director, Marc French. “I think you could say I’m looking at auditions – every type of character you could think of – from big to fit, tall to short, and I never know what I’m actually looking for until they’re coming in. the door. Our models have worked for everyone from Calvin Klein to Italian Vogue and there’s massive demand for them. We have open auditions and the lines go on for miles with people wanting to get on the books. It’s amazing; you have a few old ladies lining up next to the Hell’s Angels, all wanting to try.”

Scrolling through the Ugly Portfolios, it seems many of their designs are less ugly and more simply unconventional, although that’s starting to change. Several of the women depicted would not look out of place in Suicide Girls or an American Apparel commercial (meaning they are conventionally pretty, but also covered in tattoos) and, in some cases, the “character” equates to not being sample size and having bigger boobs than you’re used to seeing on a track.

There is, however, a fair share of additional unique individuals. Model Sultan Kosen, at 8’1”, is the world’s tallest man according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Prince Albert, who had his first piercing aged 75, has now been pierced a total of 241 times and Elaine Davidson has over 2,520 piercings.

Ugly models have been thrown into everything from Skittles adverts to Marks and Spencer campaigns to James Bond films. Seems like there’s a place for everyone, my friends.

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