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Believe it or not, laugh lines are hot! Grey hair? Fabulous!

If you are at least 50 years old and love fashion and style, you might want to consider becoming a senior model. What if you were a catwalk girl in your twenties, guess what? The industry wants you back.

Former models Pat Kraal, Béatrice André-Besse and show producer Brandon Barker recently launched Platinum Angels Management (PAM), the only agency in Singapore that manages the career paths of 50-something models, talents and celebrities. years. The growing demand for “mature” models in Europe and the United States inspired the three friends to join forces and open PAM.

Platinum Angels Management (left to right) Managing Director Pat Kraal with co-founders Beatrice Andre-Besse and Brandon Barker

With global brands celebrating growth in baby boomer product sales, comes the growing need for silver-haired endorsers and influencers.

“Beatrice and Brandon were aware that the age diversity among runaways was maturing considerably in Europe and they felt it was time to extend that ideology to Singapore, and that’s how PAM was born,” the co said. -PAM founder, Pat Kraal.

The former Singaporean model has paraded on the Paris catwalk for Givenchy, Jean-Louis Scherrer, Balmain, Dior and other major international designers. She modeled in Paris for 12 years before retiring to raise her four children, now aged 30, 28, 23 and 21.

“In 2020, Brandon, who I modeled with in the 80s, had a meeting with Beatrice, and things evolved from there. It didn’t take much persuasion to convince me to join. Brandon and I are Singaporeans and Beatrice was based in Singapore, so starting in Singapore was the logical choice.

In the past, models in their fifties were just a small part of an agency’s talent portfolio, but now boutique agencies primarily cater to onlookers with laugh lines. The trend must have started in the United States according to Pat, and over time it began to pick up speed in Europe.

Platinum Angels Management is open to anyone over 50 who wants to become a model. The agency has no age limit or specific height requirement here, although those with salt-and-pepper or silver hair definitely have an advantage.

Authenticity is key and the agency revels in the natural aging process. Wrinkles, age spots and platinum hair are welcome “We absolutely don’t want anyone who’s had drastic cosmetic surgery or botox,” she said.

For now, most of the talents are former models they worked with in the 80s.

“Finding them and working with them after more than 40 years brought back good memories. We are gradually adding candidates from all over the world to our list of models, and if all goes well, we hope to expand internationally.

PAM not only opens up new opportunities for older people, but it also debunks traditional beliefs that modeling is only for young people. And with the right look, you can have grandchildren and still be a model. “The way you think affects the way you act. You can be old at 40 or young at 60, it all depends on your state of mind.

It all comes down to her health, which is as important as her beauty. “The most essential advice I can give is to make sure your health is as good as possible and that your quality of life continues to improve. Don’t let trivial things bother you; instead, make it a time of dynamic achievement and goal setting.

If you’re in your fifties and considering a career in modeling, why not be an angel. See for details.