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The Trump Organization is closing its New York-based modeling agency.

A statement released by the company said she was “choosing to exit the modeling industry”.

“While we have enjoyed many successful years, we are focused on our core business in the real estate and golf businesses and the rapid expansion of our hospitality division,” the statement said.

Launched in 1999, Trump Model Management was part of Trump’s eclectic array of businesses, although it was never as high profile as some of the others and did not play a major role in the fashion industry. .

But like other Trump businesses, it has come under special scrutiny following Trump’s decision to run for president.

Despite Trump’s continued focus on illegal immigration, several of the foreign-born models hired by the agency told reporters they were hired without work visas.

“There were about six, seven or eight of us, at least in this model’s apartment. There were maybe about three Americans, but the rest of us didn’t have visas,” he said. added.
Canadian-born Rachel Blais told PRI’s The World.

A Mother Jones article quoted two other former models as saying that the Trump agency “never obtained work visas on their behalf, even when they were doing modeling assignments in the United States.”

Trump Model Management denied using illegal labor practices.

The agency has also become the target of a boycott by some fashion industry executives, make-up artists and stylists, website Refinery29 reported in February.

One of the agency’s models, Maggie Rizer, said in an Instagram post the day after the election that she could no longer be associated with the Trump brand.

“I owe it to myself and my children to proudly stand up for what I believe in and this is a world where Donald Trump has no say in the future of our country,” he said. she declared.

Last week, The Washington Post reported that one of the agency’s executives, Gabriel Ruas Santos-Rocha, had left to start his own company called Anti Management, taking some of the models with him.

He said the title of the new agency was not an allusion to Trump, telling the To post, “I did not create an agency with the intention of putting anyone out of business. Other than that, I have no comments.”