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When the term model is used, there is a fairly typical image that probably comes to mind for most people. In the men’s department, six-pack abs or a clean look might do the trick. And the female department most often involves the tall and thin descriptors.

Model agency We are not like you is not interested in any of this. Like the UGLY MODELS agency that we shared with you just over a year ago, they are more interested in portraying unique “characters”.

The agency is based in Berlin, and according to the description on their website, they “offer not just terrific-looking individuals, but real characters who don’t just look the part, they feel it and act it too. Because that’s just who they are.

unlike youheader3

Their roster of models is selected from “professional burlesque performers, drag acts, dancers, musicians, cabaret performers and comedians” whose style is 100% unique.

The hope is that the models themselves will serve as inspiration for photographers who may want to put them on camera: “We want to inspire photographers, creatives, casting and booking agents to create images, develop stories and ideas that will feel as passionate, quirky and authentic as our collaborators.

To learn more about this quirky modeling agency and browse the myriad of characters they represent, head over to We are not like you website by clicking here.

(via Laughing Squid)